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College of Engineering
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The College of Engineering has a tradition of technical excellence and relevance in its research and instruction. And, with its interactive classrooms, extensive student club activities, undergraduate research and internship opportunities, we are a leader in experiential learning.

Your support is an investment in our incredibly talented students, further enhancing the undergraduate academic curriculum and providing greater opportunities for meaningful educational experiences. Your gift to one of the funds below will empower their Wildcat Journeys and broaden their engineering education by providing strong experiences in research, internships, community engagement and multidisciplinary problem solving.

Engineering General Scholarship

One of the main reasons prospective students stated they choose to attend our college was the availability of scholarships. Scholarships change the lives of students – your support of this fund will impact countless futures.

Engineering Student Clubs

College is so much more than in-class learning! Supporting this fund provides opportunities for students to delve into their interests, fostering their love of engineering through hands-on learning and collaboration while building career-ready skills and experience.  

ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity (ENGAGED) Program 

We want the wonders of engineering to be accessible for all – donating to this fund supports students underrepresented in STEM to succeed academically, find their community and build a strong foundation for future career development.

College of Engineering Participation Challenge
Be one of the first 25 donors to make a gift to the College of Engineering to help us unlock a $1,200 gift! Rene (’97 B.S. Computer Engineering) and Mary Gonzales are supporting the ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity (ENGAGED) program which helps historically underrepresented students in the field of engineering with the tools and resources to sustain and thrive in their engineering classes and careers. Make sure we get this additional support for ENGAGED unlocked today!
25 / 25 Donors
Future Engineers Challenge
David Cooper ’88, an Electrical Engineering graduate, proudly launches the "Future Engineers Challenge." When you make a gift to the College of Engineering, David will make an additional contribution to support the college’s programs and students, doubling the impact of your donation, until the total matching amount reaches $750. Join David Cooper in his effort to bolster the education and training of aspiring engineers. Your contribution, along with David's matching donation, will have a significant impact on the students, helping to drive innovation and excellence in engineering education!
College of Engineering Forever ENGAGED Challenge
Support the ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity (ENGAGED) program in the College of Engineering today and your gift will be amplified with a match by Cindy (’88 B.S. Industrial Engineering) and Dan Klingberg (’93 B.S. in Electrical Engineering). For a 3rd year, Dan and Cindy, who are passionate supporters of the ENGAGED program, are matching up to $5,000. They are encouraging you to join them with making a gift to the ENGAGED program, which has shown a significant impact on retention, a 77% rate for first-to-second year engineering students, and graduation success of historically underrepresented students in engineering.
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