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W.A. Franke Honors College
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The W.A. Franke Honors College gives students a unique advantage to learn from some of the top educators at the University of Arizona and engage in experiences that will have a lasting impact on them beyond graduation. Your giving allows us to continue to cultivate programs and innovative research opportunities that will ensure that our students receive the best education possible. We are also committed to students who have financial need. We don’t want finances or fees to be a barrier to participation in all that Franke Honors has to offer. Your support helps shape the future for many bright and talented Wildcats and enables them to achieve their goals.

Honors Fee Scholarship Fund

This fund helps provide access and remove financial barriers. The Honors Fee allows us to expand and enrich the Franke Honors experience for all our students. We are committed to providing fee support to those with financial need. Gifts will be matched by the Franke Honors Advisory Board up to $10,000!  

Honors Research Fund

Gifts to this fund support Franke Honors student research projects across campus. Research is a major focus of the W.A. Franke Honors College experience beginning in students’ first year and throughout their undergraduate experience.

Honors General Scholarship Fund   

Gifts to this fund support a variety of scholarships and awards for students.

Franke Honors Dean's Fund for Excellence 

Gifts to this fund provide flexible and direct support for our students and the college’s greatest programmatic needs.

W.A. Franke Honors Fee Scholarship Fund Challenge
Donate to the W.A. Franke Honors Fee Scholarship Fund and your gift will be matched up to $10,000 by our Franke Honors College Advisory Board. Support for the Honors Fee Scholarship Fund allows us to provide a broad array of classes, programs, funding, and activities that directly impact our students while reducing the financial burdens they often face. We are deeply committed to continued and increased support of students with financial need. Your gift, no matter how big or small, changes lives. Please give today!
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