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College of Engineering
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The College of Engineering has a tradition of technical excellence and relevance in its research and instruction. And, with its interactive classrooms, extensive student club activities, undergraduate research and internship opportunities, UA Engineering is a leader in experiential learning.

Your support is an investment in our incredibly talented students, further enhancing the undergraduate academic curriculum and providing greater opportunities for meaningful educational experiences. Your gift to one of the funds below will empower their Wildcat Journeys and broaden their engineering education by providing strong experiences in research, internships, community engagement and multidisciplinary problem solving.

Photo of Wildcat Baja Racing and Formula Racing drivers in their vehicles outside of Old Main

ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity (ENGAGED) Program 

The ENGAGED (ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity) program enhances access, attainment, connection and professional identity for engineering students from underserved communities through partnerships, academic support, community building activities and experiential learning. Your gift helps provide meaningful educational opportunities and support to empower our Engineering Wildcats to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

Design, Build, Compete Clubs 

Your support of student clubs will provide opportunities for Engineering Wildcats to apply STEM principles taught in the classroom to hands-on, experiential projects, empowering their success in college and beyond. Students that participate in club activities gain valuable transferable skills that set them apart.

Engineering Dean’s Fund for Excellence

Your investment in the Engineering Dean’s Fund for Excellence gives the college the opportunity to continue growing, attain higher levels of academic excellence and make greater advancements in research. This fund allows the dean to quickly capitalize on strategic opportunities as they arise and provides much needed flexibility.

Our students and faculty are working hard to build a better tomorrow. You can make a world of difference today.

College of Engineering Forever ENGAGED Challenge
Support the ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity (ENGAGED) program in the College of Engineering today and your gift will be matched up to $5,000 by Cindy (’88 B.S. Industrial Engineering) and Dan Klingberg (’93 B.S. in Electrical Engineering). For a 2nd year, Dan and Cindy, who are passionate supporters of the ENGAGED program are encouraging you to join them to heighten the ENGAGED program which has a significant impact on the retention and graduation success of historically underrepresented students in engineering.
$4,002 MATCHED
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