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Student Success Initiatives

Programs that promote well-being are key to ensuring that students graduate and thrive while on campus. The University of Arizona is home to acclaimed, forward-thinking student support and career services. 


With your support, we can make a tangible impact on students' lives and connect Wildcats to the resources and important support programs that they need to be successful. 


Arizona Student Opportunity Fund

Supports student retention initiatives and priorities.


Richard H. Tyler Student Emergency Fund

Supports students who are in danger of withdrawing due to an unexpected, temporary financial hardship as a result of illness, family crisis, natural disaster, or any other situation deemed an emergency or crisis. The fund assists UAZ students by providing subsidies solely for unexpected emergency expenses.


President's COVID-19 Testing, Research & Re-entry Fund

Supports Dr. Robbins ambitious Test, Treat, Trace initiative. The aggregate data from anonymized results will provide information we need to assess and address public health risks on campus, and to make informed decisions on how to take each next step in uncharted terrain.


Campus Pantry

Over 550 students, faculty and staff are served each week. Fresh produce is provided from the Rooftop Greenhouse on top of the Student Union as well as staples donated or purchased.


Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS)

The CAPS team of psychologists, therapists, counselors and social workers are dedicated to helping students thrive personally and academically. Whether through one-on-one support, group counseling or self-help, CAPS supports students who are facing anxiety, depression, alcohol or drug use, sexual assault, trauma and more. In addition to their usual mental health support, CAPS is helping students cope with the stress related to COVID-19 and those who are in quarantine isolation housing.


Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS Center)

Veterans Education and Transition Services strives to provide the tools and assistance necessary for students to achieve academic success while fostering camaraderie and engagement. VETS is an organization run by current service members and veterans as well as their spouses and dependents who, through their shared experiences, are creating and maintaining a dynamic and effective program responsive to the needs of their community. Scholarship support to help student veterans complete their educations is especially important as the GI Bill only provides 36 months of tuition and a modest stipend for housing and other expenses.


Adaptive Athletics

Supports students in the largest and most successful collegiate-based program in the country. Adaptive Athletics houses seven competitive teams as well as an adaptive fitness center. In its 44-year history, Adaptive Athletics has sent 38 athletes to the Paralympics and has won several national titles, making this program a leader in the adaptive and wheelchair sports community.


Student Engagement & Career Development

Committed to supporting students in all things career, whether that's creating a career plan, developing in-demand skills or securing career opportunities.


Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation provides diverse opportunities for balanced and healthy lifestyles to the University of Arizona community through inclusive and quality programs, collaborations and facilities. Their programs empower a healthy University of Arizona community that values lifelong well-being and belonging.


Early Academic Outreach

Increases the number of low-income, underrepresented, and first-generation college-bound students who aspire to attend and are eligible to enter a university degree program.


Hispanic Serving Institute Initiatives

The University of Arizona is proud to be the first four-year public university in the state of Arizona to be federally recognized as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). HSI initiatives touch on every facet of the university, from outreach efforts with our K-20 partners, to our hiring practices, to how we teach and support students, to our alumni engagement and connection to the community. As a result of being a Hispanic Serving Institution, we can provide Hispanic students with many scholarship, internship and conference opportunities, as well as peer coaching for career readiness.


Student Success District

This includes the current expansion and renovations to the Main Library including the new innovation studios: CATalyst studios and Maker Space. It also encompasses renovations to the Weaver Science Engineering Library and Bear Down Gym, as well as construction of the new Bartlett Academic Success Center.


Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Student Center facilitates university transition by connecting students to support services on campus and otherwise meeting their unique needs. The Transfer Student Center also offers a variety of academic and social programming.


On-Campus Housing Stipends

Support that helps students afford housing during school can be set up to benefit any UAZ student or specific populations, such as students enrolled in the Fostering Success program.


Propel U Forward

Provides various programs and mentorship to scholarship recipients from our multi-cultural alumni clubs. This student retention program ensures that scholarship recipients have the resources to succeed academically on campus and in their future careers.


Wildcat Mentor Society

Provides opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain valuable insights pertaining to life, their future careers and industry knowledge from some of our most accomplished and seasoned Wildcat alumni. For the experienced mentors, the program provides the opportunity to re-connect with campus and interact with students and recent graduates.

Richard H. Tyler Student Emergency Fund Challenge
Thank you for supporting the Richard H. Tyler Student Emergency Fund! This fund supports students who are in danger of withdrawing due to an unexpected, temporary financial hardship as a result of illness, family crisis, natural disaster, or any other situation deemed an emergency or crisis. The fund assists UAZ students by providing subsidies solely for unexpected emergency expenses.
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Early Bird Challenge
Thank you Class of 1970 for challenging others to also support the Richard H. Tyler Student Emergency Fund and Arizona Undergraduate Scholarships!
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Parent & Family Association Campus Pantry Challenge
Thanks to the Parent & Family Association for supporting the Campus Pantry, who is serving over 500 students each week!
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First-Time Donor Challenge
Thank you Todd and Kathy Thull for your gift of $1,000 in support of Wildcats making their first gift today!
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